Cisco Password Reset 0x2142

Note a lost password recovery is possible only if you are connected to the router through the console port. Unable to perform these procedures on a Telnetsitzung. Step 4 If you have access to the router (doesn't have a login or TACACS password), you can safely concerns that your registry configuration to 0 cisco password reset 0x2142 x 2102 is set. Step 5 with the power switch, turn on the router and then shut up. Step 6 enter the config-register command 0x01 in privileged EXEC mode, you enable the return to the line, the parameter (marked by the 8 bits in the configuration of registry value). • pause activated — 8 bit 0 is set. • Disabled (by default) pause — 8 bit 1 is set. Note: Disable the no service password recovery parameter in the configuration of the router or the pause button is ignored when you try to go into Rommon. Note: some terminal keyboards have a key correspondent pause. If the keyboard does case No button, read the documentation with the Terminal for instructions send a break. Router power cycles and 0 x 2142 configuration register is set. The router uses the image of boot system ROM, through the system configuration dialog box: If you enable password restoration would be, follow the steps described in the section password following reset and save your changes. Instead, run the password recovery process by following the steps in the configuration section value reset registry. If you enable secret password recovery, it is not displayed in the output of the startup-config map command. Close the router Cisco password recovery process, storing the steps in the following section reset password and your changes. Note to return to the configuration is used, before you enable password lost, save changes to the configuration before restarting the router, .